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Get help with pain in your muscles, bones and joints

Problems with muscles, bones and joints are known as musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions. There’s a lot you can do at home to help your recovery from most injuries or conditions relating to these areas.

How you access your local health board’s MSK services has changed over the last few years. Some services require a referral from a healthcare professional at your GP surgery while others you can self-refer to.

MSK services can include:

— physiotherapy
— orthotics
— podiatry
— occupational therapy
— hand therapy

Find out how to access MSK services in your area


Most muscle, bone and joint problems can be safely managed by yourself following advice from healthcare professionals.

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Watch instructional videos from healthcare professionals to help with specific body parts and  MSK conditions.

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Information and advice on a number of MSK related conditions for those that have been diagnosed by a healthcare professional.

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Learn about common types of bone fracture and advice to help your recovery.

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Information on what types of painkillers are available and when you should take them following an injury.

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Information and advice about how to prevent an injury at work and how to return after one.

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