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NHS 24  Telephone Number

The NHS Telephone Number has changed to 111.


Cancelling your Appointment
If you are unable to attend an appointment with one of the doctors or nurses, please telephone.

By giving us as much notice as you can you are helping us to make sure that someone else is given your slot.


Extended Hours

Please be aware that we now offer apppointments outside of normal consulting times. 

These appointments must be booked in advance and are for patients who cannot attend the Practice during normal consulting times. These are available on all weekday mornings, from 0800 - 0930.  Please ask at reception for more details.


Love Women   -


Unite & fight cancer



You can arrange to have a CERVICAL SMEAR test now.

Routine recall 3 years.


List Removal

Please note that each year the Health Board carries out a list cleansing to remove patients that have left the practice.


If you receive a letter from the Health Authority, please make sure that you take the time to respond to their letter. 

In the event that no action is taken, you may be removed from our Practice List.


Bowel Screening

Visit the Bowel Screening Website


Tams Brig SurgeryWelcome to Tam's Brig Surgery

Tam's Brig Surgery has been on this site since the 1940s. It has been extensively enlarged and modernised over the years and is owned by the doctors.

The building accommodates the Primary Care Health Team of doctors, nurses, Health Visitors and Midwives and their staff.


Advanced Nurse Practitioner

ANP Karen Kerr has now joined the clinical team.  She is a highly qualified nurse prescriber who is able to see all patients over the age of 16 and will prescribe the same way as our doctors.  You may be given an appointment with her, and you will be dealt with in exactly the same way as you are when seeing a Doctor.

Mobile Telephone Numbers and Email Addresses

We shall,  in the future be communicating with our patients by text and email as well as post.  Please ensure that the details we hold of your mobile telephone number and email address are updated.  You can use the online services change of detail link to update, or forms are held at  Surgery reception.

Emergency Appointment Slots

Our appointment system enables you to pre-book appointments.  Our on the day appointments are only for emergency situations where you need to see a doctor urgently and you cannot wait for a pre-bookable appointment.  However these ten minute appointments are used very quickly.  In order to offer more appointments,  all of our doctors now have two extra appointments in the morning and the afternoon. These emergency slots are offered to you at a specific time, are  for five minutes, and are only for one urgent problem.

Reading Well Books on Prescription

Reading Well Books on Prescription helps you to understand and manage your health and well being using self-help reading.

Reading Well Books on Prescription was launched in England and Wales in 2013 with a list for common mental health conditions including anxiety, depression, phobias and some eating disorders.

In January 2015 the scheme was launched at the Self-Management network meeting at Greenwood Conference Centre, Dreghorn. East Ayrshire Leisure and North and South Ayrshire libraries have copies of books which can be requested from any of their libraries for FREE.

For Further information:

Reading Well Books on Prescription:

Library Catalogue: South Ayrshire:







We fit all types of long-acting reversible contraception

  • Extremely reliable
  • Contraception from 3-10 years depending on device
  • Easily fitted
  • Make an appointment to discuss today
  • Coils/IUS/IUD fitted by all the female doctors (Drs Brown, Lunan and Roy). Please ask for a 30 minute ‘coil’ appointment
  • Nexplanons (‘the rod’) fitted by all the female doctors and Sister Fraser. Please ask for a 20 minute ‘Nexplanon’ appointment
  • Nexplanons removed by the female doctors. Please ask for a 20 minute ‘removal’ appointment. Please make an appointment to discuss first.
  • Both coils and Nexplanons can be removed and a new one fitted during the same appointment.
  • No more missed pills ever again!








More on the Mirena coil:

  • The Mirena coil (IUS) can be used as part of hormone replacement therapy.
  • Can be used for 7 years from the age of 45 taking you through the menopause.
  • Also regularly used for the treatment of heavy and painful periods.



Patient Suggestions/Complaints

Please note that if you wish to make a complaint regarding your treatment or any other aspect of care by the surgery, we are unable to take the complaint via this website, it must be done by letter to the surgery, or using the complaints form held at Reception.

Repeat Prescriptions


If you wish to order a repeat prescription:-

1.        Request via our Website  using the link below

2.        Request via Telephone  - 01292 262697 after 10.00

3.        Use the form attached to your prescription and tick the items that you require

4.        Complete a Repeat Prescription Request Form.

If you are requesting using the forms, please post the completed request in the repeat Prescription box at Reception.


 If you have a query with your repeat prescription, the Receptionist will be happy to help you.                   


Below is the text of a letter that we can give you if you are asked to supply a letter from your GP, please enquire at Reception for a copy.


In this Practice, we receive frequent requests for medical information by numerous organisations.

Often this is reasonable. However we strongly object to the culture of “Get a letter from your doctor.”


Often patients themselves are perfectly able to provide a description of their medical problems and how these affect their needs. This has the advantage that the information is given to the organisation in lay terms which should be easily understood by the non‑medical staff who assess their relative priority. There should only rarely be a need to approach the GP for a more detailed report.


The NHS does not fund medical reports by GPs, and GPs will charge a fee for such reports, as is done for any other private medical report. However, GPs have no wish to provide reports where the information can be easily obtained from the individual themselves. Patients should not have to pay for reports to organisations when they can, in most cases, provide the necessary information themselves.


The routine request for “Get a letter from your doctor” simply adds to the ever increasing burden of paperwork which detracts from the time GPs can spend with their patients.


An efficient system of self reporting of medical and functional problems will reduce the administrative burden on the NHS and allow an equally effective prioritisation of needs for those organisations that request this information.  


The GPs in this practice will therefore not routinely provide third-parties with medical reports or letters, which are requested via our patients.


However, if the organisation that has requested “Get a letter from your doctor”, would like to write to us directly we will respond quickly.


Please give this letter to the person/organisation that has asked you to “Get a letter from your doctor”, and instruct them:To write directly to us, requesting the information they require. Why they require it. And to whom we should reply.

They will need to enclose a mandate which is signed by yourself, where you give them permission to receive medical information about you.

They will be expected to pay a fee for this report, and we will send them an invoice. 

 April 2016

Drs McCabe, Bowbeer, Koshti, Brown, Lunan Burns and Roy. 

(Site updated 25/05/2016)
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